Ribera del Duero,
crafted from the elements


The rigours of terroir

Our complex land and harsh climate provide us with unique conditions to produce, at high altitude, grapes of exceptional quality. The unique characteristics of the soils and climate in which our vines are cultivated serve to produce the best fruit.


Year-round care

Winegrowers and winemakers work with great respect for what the land has to offer. They combine affection, care, patience, dedication and commitment with know-how, tradition and cutting-edge technology, knowing that the more challenging their work, the greater the reward.


Exceptional result

The competing demands of terroir, winegrowers and winemakers, combined with their love and dedication to both land and wine, produce exceptional  wines that are recognised around the world. Our wines are made to excite - they are unique, full of character and, above all, are made to be enjoyed. That is when we know the effort has been worthwhile.


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