Altitudes between 720 and 1,000 metres have given us a truly unique, natural landscape. Unexpected and extreme climatic contrasts, together with dedicated manpower, provide us with conditions that grow exceptional grapes.

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The Ribera del Duero region is located in the northern sub-plateau (Duero River Valley) of the Central Plateau between Madrid and the Central System, and the Cantabrian Mountains and Montes de Leon. Unfolding over 115 kilometres along the banks of the Duero River, its vineyards lie at some of the highest altitudes in the northern hemisphere, exceeding 1,000 metres above sea level in some areas. The wines produced here are as unique and inimitable as nature itself.

Across the region 7,894 winegrowers work with dedication and respect for the land, which comprises 23,353 hectares of vineyards and 300 wineries, distributed across 118 boroughs (64 in Burgos, 5 in Segovia, 25 in Soria and 24 in Valladolid)."